Tuesday, March 10, 2009


There is a lot of talk about energy efficient homes and ENERGY STAR®. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that provides information, training, and certification of products and practices to help homeowners save money and protect the environment.

By making your green home compliant with ENERGY STAR standards, you will enjoy a savings of at least 20%-30% in energy costs (more if you use structural insulated panels), and create a healthy indoor environment for your family while reducing air pollutants, dust, and drafts, and increasing the value of your home.

An ENERGY STAR home has five major components that a conventional home might not have:

1. High performance insulation: probably the biggest savings in energy costs in your home. We recommend using structural insulated panels, which create a continuous thermal building envelope.

2. Energy efficient windows

3. Tight Building Envelope: sealing heating & cooling duct systems

4. Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems

5. Efficient Products.
ENERGY STAR products and appliances make a significant contribution toward energy savings in a green home.

Make sure you hire a "green architect" who is knowledgeable in green home design, the Energy star program, and energy efficient products. After the home is built, you will need to have an independent ENERGY STAR qualified Home Energy Rater evaluate your home to be certified as an ENERY STAR home. After approval, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the comfort of your new energy efficient home, marvel at your low energy bills, and admire your ENERGY STAR label on your home’s breaker box!