Tuesday, May 5, 2009

AIA is Walking the Walk in Green

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is changing the way we think about buildings, specifically with regard to energy usage. Buildings currently account for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, a fact we simply cannot ignore. AIA architects are leading the way by integrating sustainable design practices in all of their projects, thereby being able to reduce energy consumption to less than half.

This is a strong stand, but a necessary step toward achieving a 50% reduction from the current consumption level of fossil fuels used to build and operate new and renovated buildings by the year 2010. To meet this goal, the AIA started the "Walk the Walk" movement by saying, "We strongly believe that the time for talk has passed, and now it is the time to walk the walk.

AIA architects are uniquely poised to provide the leadership and guidance needed to provide solutions to reduce our national and global carbon footprint. By using sustainable design practices and techniques, such as proper siting, building form, glass properties and location, material selection and incorporating natural heating, cooling, and ventilation and day-lighting strategies, architects design building to operate with far less energy than today’s average home with little or no additional cost.

AIA Architects "walk the walk" on sustainable design. Bonin Architects & Associates is helping you to walk the walk. Are you building a green home in the near future, or thinking about building an addition to your existing home? Call us or visit us at one of our upcoming events, including home shows, green events and seminars, and a Home Tour (May 16th )of an energy efficient home built with SIP Panels by Murus. Learn more about how you can lower your home’s energy consumption and play an active role in, well … saving the earth.