Thursday, May 14, 2009

Architect Fees

Architects use various methods to establish their fees, depending on the type of services they provide, the location of the firm, and their personal preference. In some instances, more than one method may be used to calculate their fees, based on the type of the services provided. Some methods to calculate architect fees include:

  • A percentage of construction cost
  • An hourly rate, also called “Time and Materials”
  • A lump sum
  • A lump sum plus expenses
  • Unit pricing based on the area of the home
  • By the Sheet (the number of drawings generated)

Other factors architects consider are the size and complexity of the project, the difficulty of the site, the timeline, and what services are provided. Architects provide services far beyond a designer or draftsman. Architects are trained to correctly interpret their clients’ dreams, visions and objectives, explore all possibilities, study and respond to the site and its environment, and translate these into a home design that exceeds expectations.

Perhaps you have already designed your home and require little changes and/or aesthetic or structural expertise: in this case, a draftsman’s or designer’s services will most likely fit your needs.

However, if you would like to combine your wants, needs, and aspirations with your goals of energy efficiency and sustainability to successfully match your project objectives, research and interview green architects in your area. Hiring an architect is well worth your investment to ensure the end result is exactly what you wanted.