Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things To Do in NH This Weekend

Planning to build or remodel a home in the Lake Sunapee, NH area?  If so, make plans to attend a special Open House this weekend!  Not only can you tour a beautiful custom home but you can get all of your questions answered about building a home from local green building experts Bonin Architects & Associates, Northcape Design Build, and Colby Real Estate!

Open House with QA
Saturday, May 1st   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Call for Directions!
Bonin Architects & Associates  603-526-6200

Ask questions about eco friendly homes, green technology, sustainable design, green materials, smart building, and more!  A question-and-answer session will be guided by what you want to know, so bring your ideas and questions!  See you there!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

House renovation: Lead Paint

Today the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is enforcing new regulations to prevent lead poisoning, and if you are considering a home renovation, this might pertain to you.

By requiring states to administer and enforce Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) programs, the government is taking the lead to remove the dangers of lead in paint, the soil around your home, dust, drinking water, and other places you come in contact with in your daily life. Lead poisoning is nothing to fool around with and can lead to serious health problems in your family and community. For instance:

If not detected early, children with high levels of lead in their bodies can suffer from:
Damage to the brain and nervous system
Behavior and learning problems, such as hyperactivity
Slowed growth
Hearing problems

Lead is also harmful to adults. Adults can suffer from:
Reproductive problems (in both men and women)
High blood pressure and hypertension
Nerve disorders
Memory and concentration problems
Muscle and joint pain

If you are planning to buy a home built before 1978 and renovate it, read on:

Many houses and apartments built before 1978 have paint that contains lead (called lead-based paint). Lead from paint, chips, and dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care of properly.

Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before buying a pre-1978 housing.  Sellers have to disclose known information on lead-based paint and lead-based paint hazards before selling a house. Sales contracts must include a disclosure form about lead-based paint. Buyers have up to ten days to check for lead hazards.

Make sure you hire a Qualified Lead Professional to remodel your home, and be sure to read the EPA’s pamphlet on Renovating a Home Built Before 1978.

Following the guidelines is in your family’s best interest!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glass Mulch – a Popular Landscaping Choice

Perhaps you’ve heard of the newest alternative to traditional gravel and bark mulch – glass. That’s right, recycled glass is now a popular landscaping choice with numerous benefits.

Glass mulch looks like colorful gravel and comes in a variety of colors. The mulch is made from recycled glass debris which is tumbled to remove sharp edges, making it safe for children and animals, and beautiful for planters, gardens, and around trees.

Design options are endless, as the glass mulch can be coordinated to match your home’s architectural style and colors or create an outdoor living space with a specific theme (for instance, blue glass mulch is very popular for simulating water).

In addition to using recycled material, glass much carries other environmental benefits: it lessens the impact on landfills, conserves water and withstands heavy drainage without washing out, requires very little maintenance, and does not need to be replaced every year like traditional mulch does.

Some popular applications in residential architecture? Landscaping, terrazzo flooring, counter top applications, water features, fire pits, and hundreds more!

Landscaping photos by EnviroGLAS

Monday, April 5, 2010

Lake Sunape Area Open House

Our next event will be held at a spectacular custom home near Lake Sunapee, NH. If you are looking for land in the Sunapee / New London area, or already have property and are planning to build a new home, this event is for you!

Open House at a Lake Sunapee Custom Home
~ Talk with the Green Building Experts ~

Green Architect Jeremy Bonin, Bonin Architects
Green Builder Everett Pollard, Northcape Design Build
Lake Sunapee Realtor Dan O'Halloran, Colby Real Estate

Here's your opportunity to get your questions answered about building a new home or addition or remodeling your existing home. Q&A based on audience discussion! Ask about Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act guidelines (CSPA), budgeting and costs, green home design, working with an architect, custom home costs, green building materials, and more!

Saturday, May 1, 2010
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Registration is required. Directions will be given to registrants only.
To register call Bonin Architects & Associates, New London, NH

Relaxing atmosphere - Refreshments