Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home Improvement Remodeling

Are you thinking about remodeling your home? There are many remodeling projects that can increase the resale value of your home: adding space, kitchen and bath remodeling, including upgrading counters, cabinets, fixtures and appliances, adding insulation and replacement windows and doors to increase the energy efficiency of the home, and even completely changing the floor plan of the home.

Home remodeling requires good planning and scheduling. After all, you’ll most likely be living in the home during the remodeling. The NH Home Builders Association gives these tips to help stay on schedule:

  • Expect to set aside time for telephone calls and regular meetings with your contact person to review progress and discuss the schedule for remaining work.
  • Ask your remodeler which product orders require the longest lead times. For custom-made items, it is especially important to make your selections as early in the process as possible.
  • Realize that changes you make to the project after work has begun may affect the schedule and the budget. Change orders should include prices, full descriptions, and authorization in writing before any new work begins.

If your city or town requires an architect to stamp your remodeling plans, consider hiring the architect as the project manager. The architect is your advocate during the design and remodel, saving you money, solving problems that might arise, and most importantly, keeping your goals as the top priority as he or she manages your team of experts during the home’s design and construction.

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