Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Popular Home Features in 2015

The NAHB’s Economics and Housing Policy surveyed over 3,000 builders, designers, architects, manufacturers, and housing marketing specialists to forecast the characteristics of the average single-family detached home in 2015.

Can you guess the results?  Take this quiz and see how well you do (answers posted at the bottom).

1.       Size:  The average new single-family home will be:
a.       Larger, between 2800 and 3000 square feet
b.      Stay the same (2496 square feet)
c.       Smaller between 2000 and 2,400 square feet

2.                                                        will be a top priority in a home built in 2015.
a.       Landscaping
b.      Technology
c.       Appliances

3.       New home will have more green features, low-E windows, engineered wood products, and:
a.       Use water efficiently
b.      Solar energy
c.       Radiant heat

4.    True or False:     Two-car garages remain high on homeowners’ priority lists.

5.    True or False:     The formal living room will be either combined with another room or completely disappear.

6.   True or False:      First-floor master bedrooms with walk-in closets will be a priority.

How did you do?  BoninArchitects has various architectural services to help you design, build, or remodel a home that fits your priorities – now, in 2011 or in the future.  Call or stop by to set up a free consultation!

Answers:  1.c;  2.b;  3.a.;  4.True;  5.True;  6.True.