Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bonin Architects Energy Efficient Project Wins AIA People's Choice Award

This energy efficient farm house, “Night Pasture Farm”, won the People’s Choice Award at the 2013 American Institute of Architects NH Excellence in Architecture Design Awards Ceremony in Bedford, NH on January 11, 2013.

Each entry was judged on overall design excellence including aesthetics, clarity, creativity, appropriate functionality, sustainability, building performance, and appropriateness with regard to fulfilling the client's program. The entries are previewed in the January/February 2013 issue of NH Home Magazine

Timber frame company:  Vermont Timber Works
Photographer: John W. Hession, Advanced Digital Photography

Principal Partner and Architect Jeremy Bonin describes the project: “The clients sought a unique home; a timber frame yet not ‘barn like’. They felt posts should feel like trees and support the roof overhead, like a forest grove. They preferred connected spaces for entertaining and appreciating the view. The floor plan has an open kitchen, dining, and living space which center around the hearth and chimney. It is quite open and inviting.”

“The chimney and timber frame define, enclose and shelter the space similar to the tree canopy the clients described. The first floor contains living areas as well as laundry, master suite, pantry and a half bath. The second floor has two bedrooms, bath and an office/loft overlooking the great room. Space over the garage was utilized for the client’s second love: music,” continues Bonin Architects Principal Partner Kimberly Bonin.

Sustainable Design Elements include a continuous high R-value envelope of structural insulated wall and roof panels (R-26 and R-39 respectively), radiant floor heating, passive heating and cooling (no AC), HRV for ventilation, and maximized locally sourced materials that are durable and maintainable. 

The home is a timber frame and structural insulated panel (SIPs) structure with SIPs and the central fireplace engineered as contributing structural elements. The main post formations are independent of the exterior walls lending an organic feel to the frame while defining interior space. The use of keyed beams and steel connections are expressed as necessary structural elements and highlighted as architectural art rather than concealed.

The home found its name “Night Pasture Farm” after the owner found out his neighbor’s grandfather was the original owner of the land, a 1200 acre working farm, and they were building the new home right on the pasture his grandfather’s cows loved and where they spent their overnights.

Photos of this project can be found on Bonin Architects & Associates website.