Friday, January 29, 2016

Contemporary Lakeside Timber Frame Home

Building a lakefront home inherently addresses one of the principles of sustainable design, connecting with nature. The home is designed to maximize multi use spaces creating a compact and efficient design, while providing views through the home upon approach, encouraging both visual and physical movement towards the lake.
Goals such as minimizing the footprint, reducing site impact, crafting spaces to draw one outdoors and reducing dependence on fossil fuels logically follow this principle. A superior envelope, high efficiency geothermal heat pump, on demand hot water heaters, LED lighting, Stormwater management, charging station for the homeowner’s electric car and roof top photovoltaic panels are examples of addressing these goals.
The result is a project that reduces negative impacts on the environment and promotes the health, wellness and enjoyment of nature for this family and future generations.
In addition our Bonin Architects & Associates' design team, thank you to CLD Engineers for civil engineering, Old Hampshire-Jay Tucker & Bill Andrews and their talented craftsmen who were the General Contractors, Landforms, Pete Schiess for the landscaping, our wonderful client was the interior designer for her home, and thank you to John Hession for the beautiful photography.